Intershop Webshops



As a Java Intershop developer I worked at different e-commerce webshops. Two of them were built from scratch; the PAVO and Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam sites. We worked on these in teams of three. Two Intershop Developers and one Front End Developer.

At Bookspot we worked in bigger development teams. The IT department consisted of two Intershop scrum teams, a database team, two business analysts and two administrators.
The Interhop scrum teams consisted of one Front End developer and around four Intershop Developers. In addition to the daily maintenance and improvements to the webshop, we also carried out a major migration from Intershop 4 to Intershop 7. The entire house style of the webshop was immediately updated and renewed. This was a very large project because the original webshop had to continue to serve all customers. The entire migration took almost a year and a half.